Runaway June is coming to Owensboro.  However, they're not coming for the reason you might think.  The country music trio is heading to town next Wednesday to visit O.Z. Tyler Distillery, which will soon be home to the new Duke Spirits Tasting Room.

In April of 2020, O.Z. Tyler will be home to the Duke Tasting Room and John Wayne Experience.  According to a press release, Duke Spirit's bourbon "was crafted from John Wayne's handwritten notes" and the new tasting room will showcase exclusive memorabilia from his estate.

So, why is Runaway June coming to town?  Jennifer Wayne, a member of the trio, is John Wayne's granddaughter.  But Naomi Cooke and Hannah Mulholland will be here too for the invitation-only event, where the group is expected to perform a few songs.

Now, here's some even more exciting news.  While this event is closed to the public, WBKR is going to have an exclusive opportunity for YOU to win a chance to attend the news conference with us.  Friday morning, Angel and I will give you the scoop about how you can get registered to win a pair of passes for the event.
O.Z. Tyler Distillery is located at 10 Distillery Road in downtown Owensboro.

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