I've never been to the Kentucky Derby. In some people's eyes, that means I can't be a true Kentuckian. In other people's eyes, it's like, "Yeah, neither have I."

But I have been to Churchill Downs and enjoyed myself very much. It counts and I'm a Kentuckian. On we go.

My friend Trace, who used to live in Louisville and now lives just about 25 minutes outside of town, has never missed one. Even when it was moved to Labor Day Weekend last year, due to the pandemic.

Trace was also my first roommate in college. We've been friends for close to 37 years, now. Goodness. Anyway, he would always regale me with stories of hanging out in the infield on Derby Day. Get there early, stay as late as you can.

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But no, I've never been. I'm not big on big crowds, and that has nothing to do with COVID-19; I'm really not into "elbow-to-elbow" situations, if I can avoid them.

But there are enticing new ticket options that could sway the minds of folks like me.

Churchill Downs has announced new tickets that will enhance attendees' Kentucky Derby infield viewing experience. Just pray for a clear day, or at least no rain. Then again, hardcore Derby fans won't care.

New two-day Kentucky Oaks/Kentucky Derby tickets will be available for a new uncovered bleacher section at the First Turn. There will also be additional uncovered box seating for six in the infield.

Tickets for the additional seating will go on sale this Friday.

Additionally, this year's Oaks and Derby tickets will feature "all-inclusive food, non-alcoholic beverages, and alcoholic beverages."

Spring is here and one of the season's biggest and most exciting events is right around the corner.

In fact, it's 40 days from right now. Who's ready?

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[SOURCE: WLKY-Louisville]

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