I have always said I could live in an RV. I don't care if it's a fifth-wheel or a motorhome; I could totally do it.

That desire started when I was young. My family out west always had some kind of RV on their properties in New Mexico. My sister and the cousins would always hang out in them. Many times that's where they'd put us to bed down.

I loved it.

I loved it just five years ago when we went out there and my uncle asked if it was alright if I slept in their motorhome. And of COURSE it was.

Now, I'm learning about all these people who have converted old school buses into motorhomes and I gotta tell ya, I want one.

Take a look at some good old-fashioned ingenuity (and make sure you click on those links to get the whole picture):

School Buses Converted into Motorhomes

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