I have some exciting news!I am moving Shaped by Faith Ministry and all my faith based fitness classes to a new location that is open to the public and community of Owensboro!

We will be doing faith based health and wellness ministry for our Spirit, mind and body! We will offer wellness encouragement, prayer, devotionals, products and all of my Shaped by Faith fitness classes, ranging from Cardio, Stretching, Strength, Pilates, Step, Kettle Bell, Stability Ball, Senior Strength, Boot Camp, Core, Total Body Challenge and more. The classes  are for all fitness levels from beginners to seniors up to advanced levels.

We will start things off by offering all of our classes for FREE from Monday August 23 – August 31.

attachment-Theresa Group Fitness Schedule close up 2021



attachment-Theresa Church Alive with shirts behind me

We will always include prayer in everything we do here! We will share devotionals and also offer Bible studies of God's Word soon. We hope to have some new opportunities for our online group and subscribers too.

I am so thankful God has opened these doors and I would love for you to come and see our new and expansive Shaped by Faith facility at 325 Carter Road,  located inside Church Alive.

attachment-Church Alive Building
attachment-Church Alive Workout Room

Childcare will be available from 8:15 am - 9:45 am Monday-Friday. Take a look at this CUTE childcare room. Isn't it adorable!!!

attachment-Church alive Childcare Room

So come as you are and feel welcome here. We want to work together to help each other be the best we can be for the Lord! Shaping bodies and hearts for God’s purposes!

I would love to see you or hear from you soon!



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