Shaped by FAITH Partner Ball Exercise

My radio guests Berly Sullivan Tillman & Maria Shyver from Mentor Kids KY did an amazing job demonstrating the partner ball exercise. Grab a partner at home, work or wherever and give this one a try! Your Core will thank you! If you do not have a ball, just use whatever you have, maybe a pillow, a water bottle, cell phone, get creative and use something!

Hi-Low Twist: Start standing back-to-back, holding a smaller ball in both hands. Twist or rotate towards your partner and raise the ball up high so you hand it off to them over your shoulder. They’ll grab it and do the same move, but meeting you down low on the other side. Continue for 60 seconds in one direction — until you feel the heat in those arms, shoulders, and core — then switch directions.

V-Sit and Pass: Sit on the floor facing your partner, with knees bent, hold the ball to your chest with abs nice n’ tight (SCOOP) Next, both recline back a few inches and the partner with the ball passes it from their chest to the other partner. Return to starting position, and now its time for the other partner to throw the ball to their partner. You can progress this exercise by leaning further away from your partner.

Sit-Ups Pass:  Start seated on the floor across from your partner, with knees bent.  One partner holds the ball in front of their chest, both recline to the floor, come back up, and pass the ball to your partner. Repeat for 10-15 reps, or until the core feels good and fired up. To progress, position yourselves further away from each other and as you come up to a seated position throw the ball. Repeat for 1 minute and have Fun!

Encourage each other as you exercise!

Proverbs 27:17  As iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another!

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Watch the video demonstration here!

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