Last night's SNL saw saw Vince Vaughn hosting for the second time...although it's been fifteen years since he last graced this particular state. For his opening monologue, the 'Swingers' and 'Wedding Crashers' star didn't do anything traditional, opting to do what he does best: riff. And with no Owen Wilson around, Vaughn turned to the audience to be his comedic sparring partner.

Although cheers and laughter from the audience are a staple of every single SNL episode dating back to the very first season, the cameras rarely get turned on them. That made Vaughn's journey off the stage into the audience a special treat, not only giving us a look at the people behind those anonymous laughs, but letting us see how surprisingly small the SNL soundstage really is (although there are more seats hanging out above the action). Although most of the scene is typical Vince Vaughn schtick -- he talks really, really quickly about all kinds of things to incredulous responses -- the audience element definitely lends it a nice layer of surprise.

Check it out for yourself below. Do you think SNL should have more audience interaction like this?

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