This sign on Byers and Veach will go down from Friday afternoon till Tuesday July 5

Several changes have been announced regarding road closings during the Independance Day Holiday this weekend. Some of these might change the way you get from home to the many activities you and your family will attend.

1. Construction on Phase 3 of the Scherm Ditch Project will keep Sioux Place from Windsor Ave. to South Cherokee Drive closed for the next few weeks.

2. According to Abby Shelton with the city the intersection of Veach and Byers will be open beginning Friday July 1st beginning in the afternoon. The intersection will close again on Tuesday July 5th for around three weeks as crews finish work in that area.

3. Beginning Tuesday July 5, a contractor will be doing sewer repairs for RWRA on Griffith Place West. The street will be closed to through traffic from Griffith Place East to Ford Ave. Traffic will be detroured appropriately.

As with any and all road construction it is up to you and me to be safe and use caution around the work areas. It does nobody any good to get upset, honk your horn, scream at workers or other drivers and generally lose your cool.

Remember these changes and street closings are only temporary. They are being done to give us smoother roads and better drainage. These are the Good Projects our tax dollars pay for.

Leave a little early each day to insure you get where you are going on time.  Change your route for a few weeks to eliminate long lines trying to cross busy streets. Car pool or consider riding a bike or if possible walk or take the bus to work.

Kathy and I try to stay away from all these "work areas" during busy hours and even take the bypass to get to the other side of town. A little planning can prevent tons of problems.

If the suggestions above don't work, go ahead scream loud and long. Chances are the kid in the car next to you with the annoyingly loud sound system will drown you out and nobody will hear you.

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