Is your sales pitch truly effective? Tomorrow at noon at the Commerce Center, the Chamber will be hosting an Elevator Pitch Training exclusively for Chamber members.  

 This training leads businesses and individuals through a process to build and present their own two-minute "elevator pitch". You will prepare the most efficient two minute sales pitch about your product or service.  This program is one of two that qualifies businesses for the October 25 Owensboro Buys It! event at the Hines Center. 

Owensboro Buys It! is the number one Chamber event to promote local commerce.  This event facilitates a relationship between small local vendors and large local purchasers. For more information on Owensboro Buys It! call the Chamber at 926-1860. 


Tomorrow's training will last about one hour and will be taught by Ken Lawson from Greenwell-Chisholm.

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