Cybercrime blew up in all our faces with the news of the Equifax breach and now we wonder how safe we really are.

Are you old enough to remember a time when you didn't have to worry about identity theft?

Yes, I'm being facetious. But the truth is, as much as we may all enjoy the life-changing technology we've seen develop over the last quarter century, it just has its bad side.

And the ability for someone to steal your information and run amok with it is a big part of that bad side.

But so far, according to a study by WalletHub, Kentucky has been fairly safe from identity theft since that particular crime became an unfortunate part of our lives.

The study doesn't say HOW we Kentuckians have managed to stay relatively secure, but it breaks down several factors to show us that we have.

Source: WalletHub

Kentucky is ranked 44th on the list that includes the District of Columbia along with the 50 states.

And that's good.

That means, to this point, the Commonwealth has been the 8th least vulnerable among the 50.

Indiana, on the other hand, is the 16th MOST vulnerable. Not good.

WalletHub also lists some precautions we can take.

There are so many ways these creeps who hide out in their basements all day long can get at us and we cannot afford to take what they are doing lightly.

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