So many people who have been in Owensboro for more than 10 years have amazing memories of the Executive Inn Rivermont. And, in case you can't tell, that's ME raising my hand.

I spent a ton of time at the Big E introducing artists at the Big E's Showroom Lounge. It's one of the fringe benefits of this career that I cherish.

Had it not been for those assignments, I never would've gotten to meet legends like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Daniels, or Jerry Reed.

I met a lot of other stars, too, but it's to remember them all and I'm now regretting not writing their names down somewhere and attaching dates to them.

But, yes, I'm like so many of you who, to this day, share fond recollections of that legendary old hotel.

So, naturally, it was pretty sad to see THIS happen nine years ago today:

The Executive Inn Rivermont--gone but certainly NEVER forgotten.


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