People may not know this because I probably haven't shared it before but I love Twitter. Twitter is a place in the social media world where people are allowed to be free, almost too free at times. However, that doesn't stop me from loving it any less. One of the biggest reasons I love Twitter is because it's full of great jokes, funny things, information, and inspiration. That being said, there are definitely some Evansville accounts that I recommend following. There are so many to choose from, but my three favorite Evansville Twitter accounts (Aside from the 1061KISS team) are:

1. Azzip Pizza

Firstly, anyone who's ever been to Azzip knows that Azzip is one of the best places to get pizza that there ever was. Secondly, Azzip's Twitter feed is funny, informative, and even lovable. (Did I mention that if you write to them they almost always write back?) Let me demonstrate by posting a few tweets below:

So yeah. Basically, Azzip's Pizza game is not the only thing on point.

2. Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum is an actor from Newburgh, Indiana, most famously known for his role as Lex Luthor in
Smallville. However, he's done a bunch of other awesome projects as well (not to mention charity work). While Michael's first job might be as an actor, his second gig is being a comedian. While his tweets aren't always appropriate, they're pretty hilarious. (Note to self: Might be crushing on Michael Rosenbaum right now.)

3. Evansville Watch

For those of you not privy to what Evansville Watch is, Evansville Watch is kind of like a neighborhood watch but for the entire city. A group of volunteers listen to scanners to find out the latest happenings in Evansville and report on them through Twitter. This account is hilarious solely for the insane stuff that happens in Evansville that we would otherwise be oblivious too if not for Evansville Watch.

Good old Evansville! Now, of course, there are a ton of local accounts that rock just as hard such as @1061Evansville! So hop onto Twitter and give us a follow and see where the fun takes you. I also feel that I should put a disclaimer here for you if you happen to find my Twitter: Follow at your own risk of offense, insult, or injury (from laughing so hard, duh) @UndeniablySunny

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