I was checking my Twitter feed and noticed someone from Decatur, Georgia had tracked down his one-dollar bill here in Owensboro.

I had actually forgotten all about this game.

I guess it's a game.

Anyway, what you do is indicate somehow on your bill that it's registered at wheresgeorge.com.

Then, when someone gets a hold of it, they can also go on the website and enter the bill.

You'll then know how far it's traveled and for how long.

I haven't heard any mention of this site in a long time, but it's still up and running with over 271 million bills entered, to date.

By the way, this guy's bill traveled 317 miles in a little more than 282 days.

If you did that by car, you would have traveled just over 1.12 miles per day and stopped.

Geez...talk about "Are we THERE yet?"