It's the biggest sporting event in America, but that doesn't mean the Super Bowl is going to be played.

Explanation, please.

Fox News aired a segment on Monday morning suggesting the possibility the Super Bowl will be canceled. Why? Well, it's not out of fear a sub-.500 team from the NFC South will make it or fans will be treated to the kind of drubbing they watched last year when the Seahawks whooped the Broncos. It's actually a little more complex than that.

It seems it's all related to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, which means the government will help insurance carriers in the event of a terrorist act. The NFL is one of the entities covered by the act, which needs to be renewed. If not, then carriers can cancel terrorism insurance, ostensibly making the Super Bowl a very high-cost target to cover and causing Congress to pull the plug on the contest, not to mention the most high-profile concert of  the year.

Don't even think about canceling that 40-foot sub you were planning to order for your Super Bowl party, though. The NFL released a statement saying Super Bowl 49 will go on as planned, a declaration ESPN's Adam Schefter delivered via Twitter to a relieved nation:

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