My dear friend Teresa Cook recently realized her lifelong dream of owning her own store and she achieved that during a pandemic year.  Sweet T's Relic Recovery opened in November of 2020 on Alvey Park Drive East off Hwy 54 on Owensboro's east side.  And Sweet T's was everything Teresa envisioned it to be- assorted and sassy.

Well, I have bittersweet news to share about Sweet T's today.  As much as I was excited to share the news that Teresa was bringing Sweet T's to life, I am saddened to share the news that she has decided to close the store- after less than a year in business.  But, as Teresa shared in a text announcement that she sent to her dearest customers and friends, "This old gal is starting a new chapter.  It's actually more like an entirely new book."  Teresa and I have been friends for over fifteen years now and I personally can't wait to see how this new chapter unfolds.

But, first, Teresa is symbolically closing the doors to Sweet T's.  Here's the message and announcement she shared:


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Teresa really created a business built around one of her greatest passions- the business of making old things new.  That mantra is now guiding the way she's writing her own next chapter.  Effective August 1st, Sweet T's will be downsizing and moving to two booths inside Consumer Mall.  Over the past year or so, Teresa, like so many independent businessmen and women, has learned that time is the one commodity you can't buy in a store.  And it's the one precious item that, no matter how often you go in search of it, you can never get back.

So, Sweet T is taking some sweet time for herself and her family.  As Teresa says, "This is not goodbye.  It's just a happy pause."

Until she closes the doors at Sweet T's brick and mortar location, there are incredible deals available with storewide discounts planned in the next few weeks from 15 to 25%.  Teresa says that she will continue to maintain the official Sweet T's Relic Recovery Facebook page and anyone interested can contact her via social media.

As Teresa shared in her message with friends and customers, "No tears. I've cried enough for all of us. I would love to see your smiling faces before the month is up."  And I can tell you this, because I know her, love and respect her, she'll see all of our smiling faces again.  And when we see Sweet T again, she'll be in the middle of creating that next exciting chapter in a book that fortunately includes us too.


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