The following is written by Roxianne Messel*. Roxianne can be heard weekdays on 1490 WOMI co-hosting the Value Connection from 8:30 till 9:00am. 

There are plenty of simple pleasures we enjoyed as a child. But the thing that brought me the most joy was the feeling I got stepping onto a freshly dragged, perfectly chalk-lined ball-field.



Here in Daviess County the joy for the “Great American Past-time” is still alive in our youth today. Boys and girls of all ages lace up their cleats, shine up their bats and head out to play “the greatest show on dirt”. 

The Youth baseball and softball seasons are in full swing as the battle for this year’s best teams charge on. Playgrounds from Whitesville to West Louisville and Meadowlands to Utica welcome the future Albert Pujols and Jennie Finch hopefuls with time-honored snacks and cheering fans. 

Being a fast pitch softball coach I know the sacrifices it takes, the long practice times, and the working around rainy weather, plentiful this year, to ensure your team has the skills needed to perform well during game time.  But of course being a coach also means learning to take the good games with the bad games.  Every team, the experienced to the beginners, has an off game and it’s the job of the coaching staff to encourage their players to keep pushing on, try harder and the most important have fun.  

As the ball season goes on I will highlight a playground to inform you of what their success are and also what their challenges have been this season.  I will also be sharing with you those coaches and umpires who have stood out to make a difference in the lives of our youth. 

So come out to the ball-field and support your local playground in their efforts to bring positive influences to the youth of Daviess County. 


*Roxianne is a native of Evansville, living now on the East side of Daviess County, Kentucky. She is a mother of three, all her kids play baseball or softball. Roxianne has been involved with youth sports for several years and played softball as a young adult.  Her love for the game brought her to Thruston Playground where she volunteers as a softball coach.

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