For the 117 5 year old students at Hager Pre-School in Owensboro Tuesday May 24, 2011 was a big day. It was the first of what, hopefully, will be many graduation days in their lives. The next stepfor these students is Kindergarten then Elementary School, High School and College or Technical School. Sadly only 70% will graduate  High School and less than 40% will earn a college diploma.

Hager Pre-School's mission is to raise those percentages by giving students (and sometimes parents) the tools needed to succeed as they begin their educational life. Hager is a wonderful program working with 3-5 yr. old kids to help close the achievement gap.

Quoting from the Hager Web-site, here is an overview of the program: 


All teachers at Hager Preschool hold an Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) teaching certificate. The IECE teachers are highly skilled instructors who are responsive to the learning needs of young children, including those with disabilities.

Our classroom curriculum is built to focus on all developmental areas: Cognitive, Language, Physical, Social, and Emotional. The curriculum at Hager Preschool is designed around the KY Department of Education’s Building a Strong Foundation Series for School Success for Early Childhood Programs that provides a framework for early childhood curriculum and assessment.

By providing a positive classroom learning environment, we can:

  • Promote literacy and language development and pre-math skills
  • Encourage children to learn as individuals
  • Encourage children to explore questions and discover answers
  • Allow for observation and documentation of each child’s progress and success.

 That all seems like a lofty goal but with Principal Sherry Baber at the helm and great teachers like Ms. Aimee, Ms. Krystal and Ms. Thea it works well.

As a grandparent I am amazed at the accompishments made during the half day sessions. Kids learn more than simply ABC's. Social interaction is encouraged and a bond is formed between students and teachers. Friendships begin early that will more than likely last a lifetime. Who knows, today little graduate may one day cure cancer, be a president or perhaps a loving Mom or Dad.

If your little one is lucky enough to attend Hager rest assured it will be one the biggest boosts to success in their lives. It seems others agree because on a Tuesday at 9:30am several hundred parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and other filled the Foust gym to watch 117 future citizens graduate not just from pre-school, from Hager Per-school.

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