There's no doubt that North America's most elusive cryptid is Bigfoot.  Although some prefer to call them sasquatch.

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Did you know Kentucky was home to a Bigfoot Research Organization?

It's true! Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization, and they work hard to not only prove the existence of Bigfoot, but also protect Bigfoot. Here's their mission statement:

The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization (KBRO) is a non-kill research group which seeks to prove the existence of, and protect of, these magnificent creatures. Our purpose is to document all credible Bigfoot sightings in Kentucky. Our mission is to obtain a database as to monitor population density and behavioral patterns for all reported Kentucky Bigfoot encounters. We believe Bigfoot to be a yet-to-be classified, unidentified hominin. Our main goal is to acquire enough evidence to establish laws in Kentucky to protect these hominins and their habitat To determine authenticity, credit is given to each source and witnesses are contacted whenever possible. The information contained within this website is being used solely for research and educational purposes.

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Bigfoot Proof

Another thing Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization does is document people's Bigfoot encounters, so there's a record of the reports.  It's super interesting to read the reports.  In fact, just recently they had a report of a potential Bigfoot encounter in Princeton, Kentucky. You can read the full Bigfoot report here, but basically, a woman named Penny lives by herself in a farmhouse, and she's had a lot of weird activity happening around her home. She's reported a few times that she has heard the signature "screaming/moaning" sound that is consistent with Bigfoot calls from TV Shows.  See an example of a Bigfoot call below.

More recently, Penny went into the woods after her cat and she said when she got into the woods everything went silent, frogs stopped croaking, and then she heard a whisper say "go away."  I don't know about you, but that's enough to keep me out of the woods!


Want more Bigfoot?

You can follow the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization on facebook. Sometimes they host events that are informational and even occasionally do public Bigfoot hunts.  Now, these hunts obviously aren't intended to actually "hunt" Bigfoot in the literal sense of the word, but more to hunt for, and find more proof of the elusive sasquatch.

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