The Holidays are a busy time of year! My daughter has already completed two five singing shows, one ballet performance, one Christmas pageant play, and sang on the radio. And, we still get to attend her school performance! She's... wait for it... six-years-old. Coupled with extended family time, buying and wrapping gifts, food prep, events, and even mad dash house cleaning, the holidays are just a crazy busy time of year. I will be the FIRST to admit, I have had more than one meltdown.

One year, I completely lost it at my in-law's and spent the entire time having an anxiety attack in the car. And, yes, I am still teary-eyed from opening my gift from Santa Steve. Every year, one of our listeners brings us all gifts at the station. We call him Santa Steve because he thoughtfully picks out gifts for each one of us here. It's a HUGE deal to me because I spend every holiday season being the butcher, the baker, and the gift maker. I am the keeper of all the holiday magic to my little family and to have someone to just listen to you and bring you something that means a great deal to you out of sheer good will without expecting anything in return is just beyond my threshold of emotional togetherness.

I love Santa Steve and his whole family. <3

Anyway, when I saw this video yesterday it made me cry tears of laughter because I was just like yep. That's me! This poor little kid was just emotionally spent but kept going because as we say in show business, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! You rocked it, little one.

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