When my sister and I were kids, we'd be outside all day long playing until it was time to come in.

And, of course, without watches, we wouldn't have had any idea when that was if it hadn't been for Dad.

Long about dinner time, even if we were playing in the next block, we could hear that whistle.

Dad would just come out onto the porch and let her rip. I have no idea how he whistled like he did. I always tried and couldn't. I mean, I can whistle, but not like that.

Seriously, a block and a half away. That's when we knew it was time to come in. Usually for the night.

Funny thing is, the other kids knew it was probably about time for THEM to wrap it up, as well.

Well, now I've seen a blog about the recommendation for families to have a special whistle that will help locate kids in a crowd.

The author says this is perfect for "short-distance separations" in a crowd. But if you whistle like my dad did, that CROWD could be the Barbecue Festival and it would work.

Obviously, this isn't the ONLY safety measure that needs to be taken when you have your kids in crowded places. But it's a good idea.

It worked for us. Flawlessly. Every single time.

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