If you ever road trip to Branson or plan to and you love exotic animals, know there is a place there that allows you to hang out with them almost literally.

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I have to confess that I was not aware of Promised Land Zoo. I saw there was a place in Missouri that allowed people to have one-on-one encounters with exotic animals that wasn't the St. Louis Zoo. Here's how they describe themselves on their official YouTube channel:

Branson’s top rated animal attraction is more than your average zoo. Ranked as a Top 25 Zoo in the United States, our hands-on interaction throughout the park has so much included in every admission: Live Animal Shows, Drive Thru as well as Foot Safari and Parakeet Paradise, where you can feed hundreds of birds with your complimentary feed stick

Giraffes, tigers and sloths. That's about as exotic as you get.

The truth is that Promised Land Zoo has two different locations. The zoo is in Branson and their official website shows a Safari Park in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

What about the one-on-one experiences with exotic animals? That's what Promised Land Zoo refers to as the VIP+ adventure. They say it's the chance to "play with, touch, feed, and engage some of our cutest zoo animals including sloths, lemurs, kittens, owls, and more". Note that it's not free. Children costs are around $89 while adults are nearly $100. It's not everyday that you can feed a sloth, though.

I don't know if I'd road trip specifically for a visit to Promised Land Zoo, but if you're in or near Branson at any point this summer, it looks like more than worth a swing by.

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