Thinking of some things you can do once this COVID-19 thing passes by? There's a swimming hole in La Grange, Kentucky that has some of the cleanest and bluest water in the area.

Falling Rock Park is located on the outskirts of La Grange, KY, which is about two hours from Evansville. You can swim all day in this old quarry and have a blast doing so. You can even dive off of the rock ledges (unless warnings are posted. They also offer scuba diving lessons there. Plus the water is so clear that you can even see the fish swimming around too.

Yelp User Kathy V.
Yelp User Kathy V.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Falling Rock Park is that the quarry water is filled up with nothing but rain water. No ground runoff dumps into the quarry, the water is free of chemicals, and motorized water sports are prohibited. This means that the water is clear, clean and natural, and is absolutely beautiful!

A few things to know before you go to Falling Rock Park:

  1. The entry fee is $15 per person (fees are charged to help maintain the upkeep of the quarry).
  2. Must be 18 Years old or older (govt issued photo ID with DOB required).
  3. No fishing or boating is allowed. However, swimmers are welcome to bring their own floats, paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, and non motorized water toys.
  4. No drugs, alcohol, or firearms are allowed at the park.
  5. You must have your own flotation device (pool noodles work great).

Their website says that they will open for the season sometime in May. However, with COVID-19 coming into play, there's no official word on when the park will open to swimmers. You can check out all of the rules and regulations, as well as everything Falling Rock Park has to offer at their website here.

Check out Falling Rock Park in the photos below!

Falling Rock Park- La Grange, Kentucky

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