When I was in college, I paid my own way by serving and bartending. I had some regulars - some were great tippers and some... well... not so much.

One older couple always tipped me in homemade crafts. I really didn't need homemade moldy potpourri but I chalked it up to them just being older and needing someone kind to serve them. They were probably gazillionaires who got that way by giving poor old servers moldy potpourri in mason jars.

There was Skinny - the guy who walked in and handed me a $100 every Tuesday. Whatever he didn't use for drinks, I took home. Skinny pretty much kept me in food and rent for most of my college life.

And when I was a server, there was one particular family that I hated serving but they'd always request me. They were a HUGE family. Like 20 of them. They'd take up my WHOLE section. Somewhere along the line they figured out there was a $5 off coupon in a phone book or magazine or something. And somehow they'd get their hands on 20 of these coupons EVERY SINGLE WEEK. They were nice enough but they'd all pay separately and tip on the final bill. It was awful running around keeping them happy every week for a couple hours for a total of like $10 in tips. I finally talked to management and put them into rotation.

Since bars and restaurants have been on a to-go basis for the last month and a half, it got me wondering how many people actually tip for takeout. When I was serving, you were paid extra if you were exclusively on takeout duty and not many people tipped. You weren't getting them drinks and cleaning up after them so I totally understood people not tipping me, or tipping me less than the standard 20%. But takeout it wasn't my sole income - it was just part of the rotation. And sometimes it was welcome - you handed people food and they'd leave. Much easier than getting rounds of drinks, ranch, more drinks, rolls, more ranch, more rolls, dinner, taking it back, more drinks, more ranch... you get the picture.

I am also of the mindset that bars and restaurants should be required to pay at least minimum wage to their wait staff. I worked for three different bars and restaurants that paid at least up to double minimum wage and you kept everything you earned after tip out. (They DO exist!) But most dining establishments do not.

My family and I don't eat out often. Birthdays are about it. I cook at home every night and always have so we haven't really changed our routine. But I was curious how many people in the tri-state tip when they get their takeout so I asked on our Facebook page.

Some have the same questions.

Shane GrimesMe and the wife was discussing this today, as we went and picked up our order from a bar. I ended up telling them to put my change in their tip jar.. Not sure if we are or not but I did. I know it was nowhere close to what I would tip if we was to eat in or even to a delivery driver but it was something.

Some people always tip.

Tara BushAs a person who served from my very first job at 16 until I got my first full tome job at 23- I ALWAYS tip. Might not seem like a lot of work goes into preparing Togo orders but, it can be stressful and time consuming (plus you never know if the staff has to tip out the cook staff). On the other hand, my partner does not tip on pick up orders. I always try to bring my own cash when he pays so that I can leave a tip.
I’d also like to throw out - during the pandemic we have tipped every single time we get food from somewhere. This is a special circumstance that I think everyone should tip ‍♀️

Some people have changed up how they tip.

Christen McWilliamsYes, but usually not as much as if I dine in because I’m not being “served”. During the pandemic I’ve been tipping $10 or more regardless of what I’ve ordered because I know the restaurants and servers are losing so much right now.

Some tip based on delivery.

Hannah Marie StahlWhen I pick up? No. When they deliver? Yes

And a server even weighed in.

Jess Van Hall:  I work at biaggis and since we usually work for tips, we are still risking our lives and health to bring you your food, so it would only be courteous. But we will never ask for it.

So now it's your turn. Take our poll right here if you don't see it below!

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