Clearly, this was no ordinary walk in the park.  No, I was walking through Smothers Park in downtown Owensboro in a pair of thigh-high, stiletto Kinky Boots, just steps away from where the Tony Award-winning musical will play next Wednesday evening.  Everyone pretty much knows that I am big kid.  So, naturally, when I got around the playground equipment and the tornado slides, I had to give 'em a whirl . . . even in my $2000 leather-clad Kinky Boots!

This was NOT as easy as I am making it look.  And, I would like the record to reflect that I did this without breaking a heel.  LOL!

Kenneth King/Dream Copy Photography

Can I just tell you that I later learned that this couple may be brand new to town.  LOL!!!  Is that not a riot???  They were just innocently sitting in that swing and I walked over and plopped down between them.

Kenneth King/Dream Copy Photography

That just makes me howl.  Hilarious.  But so was this!  I was afraid of scuffing the boots, so I was doing everything in my power to keep my legs off the slide . . . even as I was swirling down around the thing.

Kenneth King/Dream Copy Photography

As many of you know, Kinky Boots, the 2013 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, is coming to the RiverPark Center in downtown Owensboro on Wednesday, April 3rd.    Here's a sneak preview.  I have seen the show and can assure you- it's uplifting, fun, riotous and heart-warming.

If you'd like more information about the Kinky Boots or want to get tickets for the RiverPark Center performance, CLICK HERE!  You can actually choose the seats you'd like to buy using RiverPark's interactive seating chart.

And keep it tuned to all week long.   Each morning this week, I'll continue sharing more photos from our Kinky Boots shoot with Kenny King and Dream Copy Photography.  Plus, Angel and I will be giving away a pair of tickets daily.   Country music fans know a thing or two about boots, right?

Wednesday morning (at 8:10am), Angel and I are going to ask to this boots-themed question on air:  Shania Twain calls her man out for hanging with Lolita, Rita, Jill, Beverly Hill, Louise and Denise in this, her very first country single?  Be standing by because Angel and I are going to ask this question on the air, take Caller #9 and give Kinky Boots tickets away if the caller gets the question correct!

Good luck!  And, remember . . . #JustBeOBKY