What started as a walk-up window attached to a bar, this place is now recognized across the US as one of the best for donuts.

Whether or not someone likes donuts is a good judge of character as far as I'm concerned.

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If you meet someone for the first time, maybe you should ask "Do you like donuts?" If they reply with "No." Walk away, you probably shouldn't be talking to them.

If you're out for dinner for the first time with someone and your date says they don't like donuts, your relationship probably won't make it.

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I'm just kidding, but seriously who doesn't like donuts? Now I understand they are fattening and unhealthy, and there are some people who can't eat them altogether, but man, they are delicious.

If you love donuts, and you find a place that takes them to the next level that's when you become a forever fan.

That's what BomboBar is doing these days, making lifelong customers with every visitor.

Now they have two different locations for their delicious treats and it's also recognized as having created some of the most Outrageous Donut Flavors in America according to LoveFood.

Lovefood via MSN:

BomboBar in Chicago specializes in bombos, a type of filled, hole-free donut inspired by Italian bomboloni. The menu changes frequently but tends to be reliably OTT (Over-the-top).

Rated a 4 out of 5 on Yelp, Alanna M. says the bombolinis at BomboBar are "So decadently delicious," but Ana M. mentioned, "for the price they sell I expected it to be a little better."

You can visit BomboBar at 832 West Randolph Street and 1529 North Wells Street, both located in Chicago.

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Fall seems to be the season most of us think we'll start exercising to lose the summer excess, but hold on, not so fast. You have to get a sack of donuts first.

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