Amid last night's 'Saturday Night Live' cold open — mocking the second Presidential Debate — a familiar face emerged from the crowd...

Nope, it wasn't Aidy Bryant (who portrayed Candy Crowley), nor Jason Sudeikis as Governor Mitt Romney or newcomer Jay Pharaoh playing an eerily accurate President Obama. In fact, it wasn't a member of the current or past cast at all. It was a member of the 'Five-Timers Club,' Tom Hanks.

Hilariously depicting an attendee of the Town Hall Debate, Hanks earned uproarious applause from the audience in studio (and probably those at home as well). And while his appearance was short-lived — as well as his question, which was merely "Libya" — it kicked off the 'SNL' episode with a bang.

It makes no difference whether Hanks was just trying to promote his newest film, 'Cloud Atlas,' or make up for his recent dropping of the f-bomb on 'Good Morning America,' or was just there to have a good time. We'll take any reason to watch the famous comedian back in action, especially on 'SNL.'

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