Two Kentucky Wesleyan College students have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

According to a KWC press release, one is a residential student while the other is a commuter.

The residential student is now self-isolating off campus after moving out of the dorm on April 5th. The commuter student is also self-quarantined.

Kentucky Wesleyan and public health officials will be contacting anyone who may have come in contact with the students.

KWC advises anyone in the campus community to contact the following people should they begin to experience symptoms:

For students, VP of student affairs, Rebecca McQueen-Ruark at 270-852-3285,

For faculty members, VP of academic affairs, Dr. Paula Dehn at 270-852-3117,

For staff, VP of human resources, Linda Keller at 270-852-3110,

Kentucky Wesleyan College closed its campus to all visitors on April 6th.

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