I'll always step right up to the plate and say Rick Pitino is a great basketball coach. He's one of the greatest minds the sport has ever seen.

But I am a huge FAN of the University of Louisville's new basketball coach, Chris Mack, now in his second year. He's exactly the kind of coach U of L needed in the wake of Rick Pitino. He has the Cardinals at 21-3 and knocking on the door of a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament.

There are plenty of other reasons to like the guy, too.

For starters, he's just a really good dude and, apparently, an absolute blast with a penchant for pranks.

Case in point...look what he did to a tree in the U of L football coach Scott Satterfield's yard:


The Cards are rolling, by the way. (I might mean that in all the ways you CAN mean that.) They currently sit at the top of the ACC standings and are taking a 10-game winning streak--one that features a road win over Duke--into Atlanta to take on the Yellowjackets of Georgia Tech Wednesday night.

See? He documents just about everything.


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