My first dorm at Western was Bemis-Lawrence Hall. My Dad also lived there when it was brand new and an all-boys dorm in 1969. So, when I got there in 1994, needless to say it had aged a bit. It had a basic room with a twin bed, desk behind it, a tiny square and brown-colored fridge, a tiny closet, two shelves, and chest of drawers. Forgive me if when I watched this video of upgrades at a couple of University of Kentucky dorms, I sobbed a bit. Check these digs out!

Look at the kitchens! I wouldn't go near my community kitchen with a 10-foot pole. Thank God I can't cook. Gross! I know a couple of underclassmen who actually cooked on a regular basis in the one at Bemis, not for the faint of heart. Can we talk about all the bright colors? My dorms all felt like I should've been issued an ID number and a beige jumpsuit. And the bathrooms??? Double-sinks???? I had to deal with vomit in one of my sinks, communal bathrooms are for the birds, good times.

What was your college dorm experience like? And what advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

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