The Daviess County (Ky) Sheriff's Office has confirmed that the man pulled from the Ohio River near Owensboro yesterday suffered from a gunshot to the right side of his head and there were ligature marks around his neck from a braided nylon or rope material.
They cannot determine age but he was 5'7 and 140 lbs.
This morning the body of a white female was found at Little Hurricane boat ramp. Police believe she may have been 30-50 years old and had not been in the water very long.  A white female had been found in the river around Troy, IN, yesterday. The Indiana State Police is investigating her death and her autopsy findings will be available tomorrow.

Both bodies found yesterday had been in the water for about the same amount of time but have not determined if the two cases are related.

Because no one has reported missing persons in the area recently, investigators believe the bodies could have come from as far away as Louisville and are working with other law enforcement agencies to identify the bodies.

Source: http://www.14news.com/story/31957180/sheriff-second-body-pulled-from-ohio-river-had-gunshot-wound-to-head?sf26188940=1