Let me just preface this entire article with this.  I. HAVE. RIPPED. MY. ABDOMINAL. MUSCLES. TO. SHREDS.  Seriously!  About an hour after trying today's Wacky Wednesday challenge, I told Angel that I felt like I just had a baby- via C-section.

Angel and I stumbled across an absolutely hilarious video on YouTube. A couple was trying to do a variety of balance challenges that look like something ripped out of Cirque du Soleil.  So, Angel and I chose one of them and decided we would tackle it today.  And here's the deal.  We went into this wholeheartedly convinced we could pull it off.  We're both in pretty good shape and we both have some serious upper body and leg strength.

Little did we know, this was going to be considerably more challenging that we thought.  Here's how The Human Table Challenge unfolded (and collapsed).

Over the course of the last year, we have learned the difficult lesson that you really do win some and lose some.  We lost this one.  Big time!

But, last week, we careered a challenge that, like this one, we went into thinking we had a decent shot at success.

Here's the video that inspired last week's Wacky Wednesday watermelon challenge.

How hilarious (and impressive) is that?  By the way, 7.63 seconds is a brand new world record.  And, since we're on that subject, who knew there was a world record for how fast you can smash watermelons with your thighs?

Naturally, when I saw that video I knew that Angel and I had to try it for Wacky Wednesday.  We may not have broken a world record, but we indeed broke some watermelons!!

Here's how it played out!

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