If you're a dog lover like me you’ll appreciate this beautiful tribute to our furry friends.

My dogs love me unconditionally. They pick me up when I feel down, licking my tears as they fall down my face. They, almost (insert potty accidents) always put a huge smile on my face. They’re the best part about coming home after a long day’s work. You’d think I was gone for 5 days, not 5 hours based on their excitement! They cuddle and never leave my side.  Although, it’s weird when they watch me use the restroom. If I don’t close the door all the way, you better believe a nose will be pushing it open. I have a king size bed and it just isn’t big enough for them. Of course, they are both glued to me and of course, I wouldn’t dare roll over to get comfortable and disturb them. Not being able to have children, they help replace that void. Yes, I am “Mommy” to my two precious girls. If I could give love to a herd of these beautiful furry creations, I would! Be sure to visit your area shelters or rescues to enjoy all of the love a pet can give. I know I’m glad God made a dog and my Sadie and Lucy!


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