The great part about snow days for students is obviously the unexpected day, or days off. What they conveniently forget is that those days off have to be made up, and they're usually on days where the weather outside is much nicer.

The Castle HS Principal Twitter account tweeted out the following make up days for the Warrick County School Corporation Thursday afternoon.

The tweet was also re-tweeted by the Warrick County Education Center, and the dates are listed on the Warrick County School Corporation website.

It should still be pretty chilly outside on February 19th, so maybe going to school that day won't be so bad. However, Friday, March 23rd would have been the Friday before Spring Break, giving students, in essence, an extra day of Spring Break while not technically being Spring Break, if that makes sense.

I'll also assume the weather on April 13th and 27th will pretty pleasant (barring any rain or storms), so instead of an extended weekend on those occasions, students will instead be in the classroom, staring out the window wishing they could be outside.

The snow days don't sound so great now, do they?

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