I think we've found a predator who is above bears on the food chain based on what was captured on a doorbell cam. A big bear jumps into a pig pen thinking he has an easy meal and immediately regrets it.

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There's a good reason why this video is trending on Digg today and likely many other online sites. It's the moment captured by a Ring doorbell camera showing how quickly this bear realized he had made a big mistake by angering large pigs.

Those of us that have spent some of our childhood living around or growing up on farms know that you don't want to end up on the wrong end of pig fury. There was an interesting question on Quora about whether or not pigs can be dangerous to humans. Numerous people responded "absolutely" and talked about getting cornered by a raging pig.

On the other side of the spectrum, Family Farm Livestock clarified that most domesticated pigs aren't hard to manage or violent. They can and will get very defensive and protective when they have piglets. Not sure if that was the situation with the pigs that chased the bear off.

There's little doubt that this large bear will think twice before he thinks pigs are just a bacon meal waiting to happen.

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