You haven't seen pure joy like a polar bear with a new toy. Doubt me? Check out one of these big predators who went wild when they gave her a new pool toy in an Illinois Zoo.

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Don't tell me that polar bears don't know how to party. This big girl named Hope sure loves a log-shaped toy she was just given in the Brookfield Zoo.

The World Wildlife Foundation shared some fun facts about polar bears including the fact that they're really marine animals who are black and not white. My eyes deceive me apparently.

While Hope at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago is a big girl, their website mentions that polar bear males can weigh twice as much as females. Male polar bears are hefty indeed weighing as much as 10 men. Yikes. Hudson is the male polar bear at the Brookfield Zoo. No mention if he also received a new pool toy. (*sad face*)

Make sure you follow Brookfield Zoo on Facebook as they're often sharing fun video moments like the one they shared this week with Hope the polar bear.

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