Kudos to Jenn Shockley. She has done her homework. By locating 10 towns in Kentucky with the most breathtaking scenery, she has provided yet another set of options for spontaneous road trippers.

First of all, "breathtaking" is a pretty strong word. I've only every applied it once and that was to a visit to the Grand Canyon.

Because that literally happened. When I walked up to the canyon and it came into view, it took my breath away.

Now as for these Kentucky towns, you'll get no arguments from me based on the pictures I saw.

And,I've been in some of these towns and agree with those selections.

Anywhere you "drop the needle" on U.S. 23 in far eastern Kentucky is going to provide some seriously good photo opportunities.

And Louisa and Pikeville--which make the list--are on that stretch of road.

Now the ferry at Valley View reminds me of the one down in Rochester. In fact, the scenery is identical. So if you can't get to Valley View, try the option closer to home.

And if you've never been to Frankfort, our state capitol, I highly recommend it. Beautiful city. I love the way it's laid out.

Anyway, for the rest of the list--and some cool images--click here.

(By the way, I'd throw in the view from the Owensboro riverfront, which I did here, but that's just me.)

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