I am not complaining but I think I have created a monster or two on Wednesday mornings. That is when Jim Goode, Computer Dave Fogle and Steve Clark all come in to visit on the air.

Normally guests come in chit-chat a bit, we do our interview, talk about any issues at hand and they leave.

On Wednesday morning it's a bit like the good ole boys visitin at the country store. Sometimes Jim's brother Billy will stop by and bring breakfast, sometimes we talk politics but mainly we just visit and during commercial breaks solve most of the worlds problems.

In the last two weeks it has gotten a bit out of hand.Today we spent most of Steve Clark's time talking about his wife's photography (he pays for that time to advertise his business) and Computer Dave showed us his hidden talents as a balloon artist. In addition to all this Jim got Dave to recreate an old Three Stooges routine and Dave had Jim model his handiwork.

While this is going on I am attempting to do a fun and informative morning radio show. If you think it's easy, YOU try it.

We do manage to get some good information squeezed in between the fun time. News, weather, sports, health information to name a few. The guys also answer lawn and garden questions, talk Karate schools and computers. It's well....different.

To illustrate how different I have posted a few pictures of the boys in action.

We do have a ton of fun and I hope you will join us every Wednesday for the Greatest Morning Radio Show on Earth, (sorry Misters Ringling Barnum and Bailey), The Joe Lowe Morning Show Wednesday's from 6-9 on 1490 WOMI.

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