I ran across a blog on good ol' tried-and-true OnlyinYourState.com about 10 weird things only people from Kentucky do. And I'd say I have to disagree.

The list begins with our supposed obsession with food not touching. Now I do know some folks who don't like their food to touch on the plate. But am I in the dark here? Are their really enough Kentuckians that this has become a legitimate thing? I, personally, don't care if my food touches. Well, except for ketchup and cheese, because that's gross.

Then there's bourbon. I'm pretty sure people who are NOT from Kentucky love bourbon. Watch any old episode of Dallas. That was J.R.'s drink of choice. And, last time I checked, Dallas was in Texas.

Now, I'll give 'em the dialect thing. A few years ago, I learned from somewhere that there were 29 southern dialects in the United States. Since the number of states you'd consider "southern" is less than half that, yeah, Kentucky has its own dialect. Probably a few of them.

Up next we have handmade quilts. I can only speak for my family and IN my family--on both sides--there were a lot of folks who made quilts. So that could very well be a "Kentucky" thing. And let's not forget all the quilt patterns you see on barns.

Now, here's where I draw a line, because I've never heard of this "benedictine" crap and it doesn't look very appetizing. But apparently it's Kentuckian through and through. I'll pass.

Iced tea. This one kind of surprised me because, well, I've had iced tea in upstate New York...hardly the South. But the point here is that we drink iced tea in the dead of winter. That's true. But we're on the far northern end of the American south. I'm sure there are a few Alabama refrigerators containing pitchers of iced tea RIGHT NOW.

I will absolutely agree on Kentucky Derby hats. They're big. They're weird. They're as flashy as possible--the flashier the better, more than likely. And they're KENTUCKY DERBY hats. Sort of makes them uniquely Kentucky, by default. And, I guess, to the outside, a little weird.

So I've lived in Kentucky my whole life. What is this "salad" with the pear and the cheese and the mayonnaise and the cherry? I have NEVER seen this before. I'm not saying it would be terrible--although I would approach with caution--but to pin this one on us, I'm gonna have to believe it's way more popular than I think it is.

I have a bone to pick with number two on the list. And not because I think it doesn't belong. It's because I think it's disgusting. Oh yes, I've never seen ANYONE but Kentuckians devour milk and cornbread. Except for one especially gross thing. My parents and my grandparents consumed this stuff using BUTTERMILK! Worse!

Number one on the list belongs to UK and U of L fans. And I guess they think this is weird because of how diehard fans dress for games. But this is just not unique to Kentucky. Fans across the country dress in weird get-ups to support their teams. Weird? No, not even weird.

In closing, while I think there are weird things unique to residents of each of the 50 states, some of these aren't really even weird. And some I've never heard of.

Benedictine? Pear salad? Milk and cornbread?


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