For the last few days, I haven't opened Facebook and not seen one of my friends' selfies "updated" via the FaceApp.

And, as you can see, I did it myself.

Very clever. Eerily accurate, I suppose. I guess what I mean, the pictures look really authentic, regardless of how we all end up looking.

But I've had my fun and have removed the app from my phone.

I mean once you see yourself twenty or thirty years from now, you've seen it.

But others may be removing the app because of privacy concerns.

A report from Inside Edition points out fine print in the "terms of service" that would seem to indicate that the app has access to all the photos stored on your phone.

Gotta be honest, whenever ANY app asks for access to photos and the like, I get a little skiddish.

Yeah, I know..."We can't have nice things" and all.

So what do you think? Is the fun of this seemingly precise photo app worth a POSSIBLE risk to your privacy?

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