Five years ago, Digital Managing Editor Ashley (or DME Ashley--so much easier) and I happened to stop at the Island Dairy Freeze. It was at that point that the Tri-State Bucket List was born!

To paraphrase what Johnny Cash once sung, we've been everywhere, man, we've been everywhere.

Well...not quite, Johnny. "Everywhere" is pretty comprehensive. But we've happily gone wherever we could. And there are many more places that fit that description.

Owensboro, Island, Henderson, Beaver Dam, Hartford, Lake Malone, Central City, Boonville, Rockport, Whitesville, Evansville, West Louisville, Fordsville, Madisonville.

That's quite a list. And I'm sure I've left some off. And, naturally, there are multiple locations within each of those we've visited.

So, what about it? Where have we not visited that we should visit? The Tri-State Bucket List is not finite.

There's always room for more.

If you will, help us out right here:

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