Last year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their work with the annual WBKR/Window World St. Jude Radiothon, Emily and Mark Shelton decided to GO BIG for their hour of the event.  They decided to try to get 200 Partners in Hope in just sixty minutes. And, you know what? They did it and managed to raise over $45,000 for St. Jude in the process.

Well, they're coming back for an 11th consecutive year and they're raising the stakes again.

I chatted with Emily a couple of weeks ago and she was already in beast mode.  She asked, "What's the max we could have call in during our hour?"  And, naturally, she hadn't had this conversation with Mark yet.  That's pretty much how this plays out each year.  Emily sets a goal. Mark tells her she's nuts. They come to the studio to perform and make the phones ring.  They hit their goal, then Emily looks at Mark and says, "I told you so!"

Well, Mark's about to completely mess his pants.  LOL!  I reminded Emily that, in 2021, they set a goal of 200 Partners in Hope in an hour and they hit it.  I also explained to her that, because of ongoing COVID-19 precautions, our phone bank will again be off site at a remote location.  She then asked, "So, how many calls can they take in a hour?"

I assured her the phone bank is massive, so there's really no limit.  I also reminded her that they been incrementally increasing their goals and totals over the last decade and any increase by the Sheltons would be impressive.

That's when she laid it out.  Emily said, "Go big or go home, right?" Well, yeah, Emily.  Sure!

So, Emily and Mark (if she's told him yet) are going to be gunning for 250 PIH in ONE HOUR!!  If they can do it, they'll raise an astounding $57,000.

Of course, Emily and Mark always draw in massive amounts of support from friends, family and other WBKR listeners who want to help them achieve their goal.  They also get a boost from Mark's employer, Ernie Davis & Sons, and their good friend Lonnie, who owns Lonnie Nave's Service Company.  Lonnie is their Angel of the Hour during the 3pm hour Friday.

So, be sure to tune into the WBKR/Window World St. Jude Radiothon Friday afternoon from 3pm to 4pm to see if they can again make history.  And, if you'd like to become a St. Jude Partner in Hope during that hour, you can do so by calling 1-800-201-8883.  Again, to become a St. Jude Partner in Hope, all you have to do is pledge $19 a month on a debit or credit card.

All Partners this year will receive the brand new LOVE MUSIC STOP CANCER St. Jude t-shirt!

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