Have you ever wondered why the famous Sock Monkey from Rockford, Illinois was invented? Well, I think I might have an answer.

Rockford, Illinois Is The Home Of The Sock Monkey

If you're from the Rockford area, then you probably already know that the "Forest City" is "Home of the Sock Monkey."

Sock Monkey

According to museumofplay.org,

Sock monkeys were originally hand-sewn, and represent a mixture of folk art style and kitsch.


They grew in popularity during the Great Depression when money was scarce and worn-out Rockford socks could be repurposed into stuffed animal toys for children.


Getty Images
Getty Images

Why Were The Original Sock Monkeys Created

No specific proof exists as to who created the first sock monkey, or when it was created.


Sock Monkey Family via Amazon
Sock Monkey Family via Amazon

I find it very interesting that there is no actually known reason for the original creation of the Sock Monkey. Don't worry, I think I came up with a theory.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Theory Behind The Invention Of The Sock Monkey

So, here's the deal... my friend, Jimmy McHugh is a comedian. He discovered we have these strange and unusual holidays to celebrate every day. Jimmy thought that was pretty darn funny so he wanted to figure out a way to honor them.

5 Ways To Celebrate Singles Awareness Day In Rockford

For fun, he started writing a Haiku about some of them. We were talking about his latest effort and we found out that May 9th is "National Lost Sock Memorial Day." Well, who hasn't lost at least one sock in their lifetime? I believe everyone has.

five different color socks hang on rope
Sergey Novikov

Then it hit me... that's why Sock Monkeys were invented.

How Many Sock Monkeys for $1000
Plushland via Amazon

Here's my theory about the Sock Monkey. They started being made during the "Great Depression." It was a difficult time financially for most people. They did everything possible to not be wasteful.

Radius Images, Getty Images

I believe someone lost one of their socks but didn't know what to do with the other. Their child wanted a toy, but they couldn't afford to buy one. So they took that extra sock and sewed it up into a stuffed animal. Hence, the Sock Monkey was born.

Olga Popova, ThinkStock

They passed the idea on to friends, neighbors, and family who all thought it was an amazing idea. The next thing you know, there were Sock Monkeys everywhere.


What do you think?

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