If you're in handcuffs, it's because you've made a poor decision of some kind. This woman apparently decided that since she was in trouble anyway, she might as well go all in.

The incident took place Thursday evening on the Deaconess Hospital campus on Virginia Street. According to a couple of tweets from the Evansville Police Department, officers on the scene had two suspects handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser. While moving one of the individuals to another police vehicle, the handcuffed woman made her way into the front seat, somehow managed to put the vehicle in drive, and stepped on the gas. Clearly, she didn't think this plan through very well seeing that the ability to steer the car was nearly impossible since her hands were handcuffed behind her back.

The car made it roughly 100 yards before crashing into the hospital's helicopter pad. Outside of some minor injuries to the woman, which may include her pride, no one else was injured, fortunately.


Our friends at Eyewitness News have video of the attempted getaway given to them by one of their viewers on their website.

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