Displaying the world’s largest photograph presents a number of unique challenges for a museum, chief among them being where to put a photo that’s three stories tall and 11 stories wide. Created by a collective of six artists known as The Legacy Project and currently on display at California’s UCR Sweeney Art Gallery, ‘The Great Picture’ is not only the largest photograph ever printed, but it was also taken by the largest camera ever created.

Using over 1,200 pounds of black fabric, paint and rigging as well as 20 gallons of a light sensitive emulsion called Liquid Light, the group was able to convert a former F-18 jet hanger at the Marine Corp Air Station El Toro in Orange County, California into a giant, functioning camera body. The resulting photo is a panoramic view of now-defunct Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in Orange County, CA.

So how did they fit it in the building? The photograph (seen at full scale below) couldn’t be spread out, so it was installed in a curved shape inside the gallery’s two-story space (above).

the great picture

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