What makes a truly hideous tie? Is it the color? The shape? The presence of marine life? The truth is, there’s no one answer, which is why we’ve given you 10. It doesn’t matter how you knot it, ties don’t get much worse than this.

Check out 10 ties to avoid buying for Father’s Day.

Dolphin Tie

Dad’s going to have a hard time convincing people to save the dolphins when he’s walking around in one of these. eBay, $19.95

dolphin tie

Greco-Roman Wrestling Tie

Look, we’re not knocking Greco-Roman wrestling, it’s just that some of those moves can be a little distracting on a tie. Seriously, that third move down? WildTies, $9.95

wrestling tie

Scalloped Tie

Scallops are great with a nice sear and a little bit of butter and lemon. They’re not so great on the sides of a tie.  King Cart, prices may vary

scalloped tie

Salami Tie

How can a tie be so ugly and so delicious at the same time? This tie gets big points for artistic vision and execution. Unfortunately, it loses most of them for making us want to throw up. We recommend you make dad a salami sandwich instead. Anton Repponen, price not listed

salami tie

Fish Tie

Would you wear a real fish around your neck? Here’s a tie you should have definitely thrown back into the water. Why not just take Dad fishing instead? Amazon, $19.95

fish tie

Internal Organs Tie

Inner beauty is what truly matters. Unfortunately, what’s inside the man wearing this tie is absolutely disgusting. Zazzle, $38

organ tie

Ice Cream Tie

Hey, at least it doesn’t matter if you get ice cream on your tie. Still, this would definitely take Pops out of the running for World’s Greatest Dad. Wild Ties, $39.95

ice cream tie

Light-Up Computer Tie

Chances are you don’t need this LED-lit circuit board tie to tell the world you’re a computer geek.  Enlighted, $75

computer tie

Tie With A Tie on It

A lime green tie with a picture of a tie on it. The only thing that could make it worse is if it had fruit loops on it. Oh now wait … Zazzle, $35.50

tie tie

Optical Illusion Tie

This tie is an optical illusion. If you look at it closely, it looks like the ugliest tie you’ve ever seen. Zazzle, $32

optical illusion tie

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