As you all know by now, we will have a Winter Storm Advisory for most of the Evansville area beginning on Thursday through Friday. Here's when you will want to try to avoid driving.

You've heard all about the winter weather making its way to the Evansville area this week. We will have a Winter Storm WATCH for most of the Tri-State (except Hopkins & Muhlenberg counties) from Noon Thursday until 6 am Friday. On top of that, there will be a Wind Chill WATCH for most of the Tri-State (except Dubois, Perry, Hancock, and Ohio counties) from 6 pm Thursday until Noon Friday. Most people will still have to venture out in the weather to go to work or get last-minute Christmas gifts. However, you might want to know when the roads are expected to be at their worst during this winter storm.

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According to Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist, Wayne Hart, Thursday night, after 5 pm, might actually be the most difficult time to travel. Hart said, in a recent Facebook post:

Conditions will deteriorate from west to east Thursday afternoon as rain changes to snow, temps plummet, and very strong gusty winds develop. Temps will drop below freezing in the Evansville metro between 4 pm & 6 pm and will drop rapidly which will lead to flash freezing on any wet roads. Snow will then increase late Thursday afternoon into the evening coupled with the strong gusty winds which will drastically reduce visibilities. The snow will end later Thursday night with at least an inch likely across most of the Tri-State and as much as 4 inches possible (most likely north of I-64). Confidence in the snowfall amounts is still somewhat low, but with temps falling into the single digits later Thursday night, it won't take much snow to quickly ice up roadways.
Wayne Hart tells me that snow will end by daybreak Friday, so road crews will be able to start treating Friday morning hopefully improving the roads some. At this point, specifics on snow amounts is still uncertain for the Evansville area, but one thing is for sure, it will be very, very cold, which means any rain/snow we do get, will likely turn to ice. Hart says:
Bottom line...get as much done away from home before Thursday night so you don't have to venture out into the wind/dangerous cold, but if you must travel on Friday, it may still be doable if we don't get much more than an inch of snow.

So, be safe out there, if you have to get out and travel during this weather. Be sure that you have a winter weather emergency kit somewhere in your vehicle. You can see what you should include in that emergency kit below:

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