A crowd of almost 200 formed lines on either side of the parking lot at 11 A.M. Thursday waving American Flags. From several blocks away you could hear the sirens of the Owensboro Police Department and Daviess Co. Sheriffs Department as they escorted the Veterans back home.

By all accounts it was a wonderful trip. It was filled with cheers, smiles, tears and reflection as 9 Veterans of World War II returned from a Washington visit that included the War Memorial, Arlington National Cemetary, official greetings from members of Congress and the Senate.

"I have never seen men stand so tall as these brave men did in the last 24 hours', said trip organizer, Daviess County Sheriff Keith Cain. "The youngest of these guys is 86 and five are over 90, I couldn't keep up with any of them", he joked with the crowd.

The Honor Flight program is funded and organized locally by the Noon Rotary Club of Owensboro. The intent is to give those who fought in World War II a chance to visit the War Memorial in Washington D.C. so they can say goodbye to those lost during the conflict and those who are no longer with us even though they returned home years ago.

"When we arrived back in Lousiville late last night to the welcome of more than 350 people there wasn't a dry eye in the house", said Cain.

"These guys dont think of themselves as heros, they say they were just doing their jobs. I don't even want to think where we would be today if they had just given up and surrended."

Welcome home Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, a grateful nation salutes you.

As the group quickly posed for pictures and shook hands goodbye you could tell something special happened in the last 48 hours. The look of happiness on the faces, the smiles of loved ones and the feeling that America continues to shine today because of the actions of men such as these some 60 plus years ago.

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