Can someone do me a solid and go to Pennsylvania and find Punxatawney Phil?  On Groundhog Day, he called it.  Six more weeks of winter weather. And, while we have had some really sunny days with highs in the 60s, 70s and even a couple of 80s, Old Man Winter is quite yet through with us.  He's making an encore appearance in the tristate tonight and we could actually see accumulating snow.  On April FREAKING 20th!

Here's the official National Weather Service forecast:

National Weather Service

In addition to the chance of snow showers, we do have a Freeze Warning (purple) in place for much of the tristate area.  Other parts are under a Freeze Watch (light blue).


Of course, I did my due diligence and searched other weather forecast sites as well to see if they are indeed calling for snow as well.

The Weather Channel certainly is:

The Weather Channel

And this morning here on WBKR, Ron Rhodes shared his Eyewitness News forecast for the Evansville/Owensboro area.  Brace yourselves!

Yes, you heard him.  If we actually get snow accumulation, it will be the latest in April it's ever happened here in the tristate.  However, there is good news.  The snow will not last long.  The sun is supposed to be back out Wednesday afternoon with highs in the mid 50s.  Thursday afternoon, it will be sunny and we'll be flirting with the 60 degree mark.  By Sunday, we'll have more sunshine and we'll be back near 70.

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