Have you ever heard of Billie Creek Village in Rockville, Indiana?  It's a quaint little village that's said to have some paranormal grumblings every now and then (but what old village doesn't, ya know?).  You can stay overnight and investigate to see if you can find proof of the spirits residing in this sleepy little town.

When can you stay overnight?

Ghost Hunts USA is hosting an overnight ghost hunt at Billie Creek Village on April 29th- 30th.  The event starts at 8:30 PM and ends at 5:00 AM.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

What's included?

According to GhostHuntsUSA.com your ticket gets you access to haunted areas like the old schoolhouse, and governor's mansion.  They'll have experienced ghost hunters that you can hunt with, they also allow you to use their equipment like trigger objects and EMF readers.

Why Billie Creek Village?

Billie Creek Village has structures that are over a century old, which are just really cool to see in general, but even cooler there's a lot of history there. Of course, as you know with anything historical, there's always that element of maybe some people never left the old village. People mention seeing apparitions, shadows, and hearing footsteps at this old village.

Here's what Ghost Hunts USA says about Billie Creek Village on their Facebook page:

Sitting on 70 acres outside of Rockville, Indiana is a living history museum with deep linkage to the past.
The 38 structures filled with historical items allow a glimpse of life that existed more than a century ago.
The movement you think you see out of the corner of your eye makes you question if you’re truly alone here. To answer that, no you aren’t. Welcome to Billie Creek Village! It’s time to meet the residents!
Google Maps/CANVA
Google Maps/CANVA
There in Billie Creek Village sits a couple of covered bridges that are over a century old, and several other structures that have seen a lot over these past 100+ years!
In addition to the covered bridges, Billie Creek Village contains the 1830’s Besson-DePlanty Cabin, Billie Creek Village General Store, pre-1900 post office that became Billie Creek Village Bank, 1913 Schoolhouse, mid-1800’s Dr Rice’s office, 1886 St Joseph’s Catholic Church, 1900’s Gaebler Building, and many more.

I will say after doing my own Googlin' and checking out Billie Creek Village, it really does look like a quaint little town and a cool piece of Indiana history. Whether or not it's haunted is up to you!
If you want tickets to the overnight ghost hunt, you can find those here.

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