This happened right where Jaclyn's mom lives and I am so jealous I missed it.  And, since we're on this subject, how did Jaclyn's mom and the rest of us miss this story?  The National Weather says a dust devil struck Marshall County on Sunday, April 17th and caused minor property damage.  Have you ever seen a dust devil?  They're a little scary but REALLY cool!

When I lived in Southern California, I used to see dust devils when I drove through the desert.  They happen there a lot.  They look like tornadoes, but they're funnels of dirt and dust.  According to the National Weather Service, "dust devils occur on sunny, warm days during the spring and summer.  They occur when the ground becomes much warmer than the air immediately above it.  They typically last only a few minutes."

And that's the case with the dust devil that hit Draffenville last week.  The NWS says that devil produced damage along a path about two football fields long.  It flipped a trampoline, ripped some roofing off a barn, and snapped some tree branches.  And, this happened on a bright, sunny and clear day.  And, of course, no one was injured.

I looked around on YouTube to find some dust devil footage for you.  This footage is from a women's college softball game that got interrupted by a dust devil that broke out in the infield!

This dust devil showed up in a Japanese garden!

And some folks decided this dust devil was a pet . . . and, not necessarily wisely, decided to play with it!

Have you ever see a dust devil?