It's been a few months since the American Pickers crew quietly came to Owensboro to film an episode out at Windy Hollow Restaurant.

After we learned that news, the next big question was WHEN IS IT GOING TO AIR?!?

Well, now we know.

The "Owensboro edition" of American Pickers will air on the History Channel NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT, June 22nd at 8PM.

I've been a huge Windy Hollow fan my whole life, and not just of the food.

When the Miller family had the restaurant up at the top of the hill filled with all that amazing memorabilia, a lot of which survived the fire and was probably catnip for the Pickers, our family would go up there all the time.

It's still a Mother's Day tradition for us.

I don't about you, but I can't wait.

Evelyn Miller via Facebook